The Importance of Community Presence

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Because most of us rely on local clients to increase our law firm's success and prosperity, there's no reason you shouldn't be getting out in the community's eye. The more recognized you are at local events and in local publications, the more your local clients will identify with your name.

Creating a Positive Community Presence

Participation in local events such as parades and festivals is not only a great way to establish a good community presence but it also provides you a new, fun venue for your legal marketing. Having themed advertising relating to the celebration is a great way to connect to the local goings-on. If you're at a July 4th parade, why not hand out personalized fans to cool off potential clients? After all, legal marketing comes in many forms.

The more recognized you are as a regular fixture in the town Founder's Day parade, the more likely potential clients will remember your law firm name when they need legal advice. Your parade float is basically a giant legal marketing billboard!

This Kind of Legal Marketing is Not Just About Appearance

Getting your law firm seen at community festivals isn't the only way to promote your positive community presence. Actually getting out and doing things to help your community is an even better way to connect to your potential local clients.
Events like walks for the cure, city fundraisers for park beautification and being involved in local politics all show clients that you're concerned with the prosperity of the community.

Lawyers often suffer the stigma of being known as sharks just looking for money, among other negative stereotypes. Your legal marketing needs to work against this bad image and your positive community presence can help you accomplish this goal. When you're the lawyer who's always doing good things to help the community, your potential clients will trust you more as a figure of respect.

Community Presence Shows You Care

Too often, clients form a negative opinion of lawyers, thinking they're all in it for the money and nothing else. Some of the most successful attorneys I know are the ones that are also successful members of their community. They attend town hall meetings, they're seen supporting other local businesses, they walk their dogs in the same parks their clients frequent and so on.

When you show your clients that you've got more to your life besides being a lawyer and that you are connected to your community as well, they'll feel more assured that you're also going to be attentive to their needs. A lawyer who's only interested in making money wouldn't be out at charity events or participating in harvest festivals, right?

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The Importance of Community Presence

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This article was published on 2010/10/04