How To Build Your Community With Community Journalism

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This article can show a way to use a community journalism (additionally referred to as participatory journalism) platform to make and maintain a community by using the web as a mean of communication between its members.

Why is community building important?

We tend to are all part of communities whether we have a tendency to realize it or not. We tend to have our native community, national community. Some are members of clubs or groups. Some are fans of a band or play hockey. Colleges, Schools, universities and workplaces are also communities.

Having a closer and more committed communities may profit us all. Assume regarding massive corporations. In such workplaces folks hardly recognize one another while they have therefore much in common. A tighter community in the workplace can create people feel additional attached. Bring higher communication and a lot of productive relations between totally different departments, branches or perhaps individuals at the identical room.

Stronger communities also offer reliance when times gets rough or when crisis hits. The stronger the community is, the better the prospect it will work along to solve problems and learn from past mistakes.

The net is the ultimate community building tool

A sensible community desires a central place where community members will meet, communicate with each alternative, show ideas, share experiences and sound their voices.

A community magazine is the perfect mean of communication and has varied blessings as a community meeting place.

Here are some of these blessings:

1) Accessible to anyone from anywhere at any time

A community web site is accessible from nearly anywhere, community journalists and different members can participate at their own free time while not constraints of time and place.

a pair of) Democratic and empowers the individual

Anyone can express their opinion and submit their own content. It is the glue that keeps the community together. The very fact that everybody includes a voice is key.

3) Freed from charge

4) Requires minimal moderation or attention

Platforms like offer the complete community members with the flexibility to post content and decide which content should be promoted and shown on the front page for instance while throwing out inadequate content.

All this can be done by a voting system and algorithm which manages the content in line with the reader's votes.

What are the ingridients of a sensible community magazine platform?

o An on-line magazine appear and feel with nice layout.

o Sections for news, articles, recommended links and personal columns

o Versatile Classes for easy browsing

o Straightforward submission of things by all members

o Automatic management of content things in line with users votes

o Forums for discussions and search for locating previous posts.

o Exposure of the content to all or any major search engines and blog aggregators


Building or enforcing a community and tightening the relations between its members will be both fun and beneficial. The net is a great enabler for community building. Community members can serve voluntarily as citizen journalists and write for the community blog or magazine. Fitting a community magazine is simple and cost free. Therefore what are you expecting?

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How To Build Your Community With Community Journalism

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This article was published on 2011/01/04