Belize Real Estate: Sanctuary Belize is the Place for Expatriates and Retirees!

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There are a lot of places to choose from when it comes to home purchasing in Belize. However, not all of them compare to the magnificence of Sanctuary Belize. Here in this wonderful community of pristine environment and friendly neighbors, you may discover a different type of paradise in the heart of the tropical nation of Belize. Expatriates and retirees have grown in number over the past years and most of them are scattered throughout the land. Retirees will definitely have a better life retiring in this country with all the incentives they can get. Imagine, at the age of at least 45 you can even drag your dependents with you to benefit from Belize’s tax exemption and the residency requirement can be waived as well. One does not have to stay in the country for at least a year and have a regular source of income to qualify in the retirement program! Dependents are children below 18 years, the spouse, and other dependents such as children below 25 years of age but are enrolled in a university. Once approved, qualified retirees can immediately be a resident and have his or her belongings shipped free of taxes.

The QRP Program was designed to attract expatriates to retire and live in the country. So, if you are quite young but would like to live in the country of Belize immediately then you might as well do so and get into the program later on when you reach a certain age. The Belize real estateindustry presents Sanctuary Belize as one of the best communities to live in Belize. Most vacation homes and retirement homes are most commonly sought in the said community because of the aesthetic designs, peaceful neighborhood and so much more. Houses aren’t the only Belize real estate properties available here, also private cayes can also be acquired if one desires to. Builders and developers are world renowned in doing a very good quality of work. The highest quality and eco-friendly materials are the only ones used to build houses here. Of the 14,000 acres of land, only 3,000 will be developed for residents. Preserving nature and protecting is the number one mission of this community.

With several hundred scenic locations here, you may have a headache deciding where to build your house. Do you want it near a waterfall? Or perhaps you like it overlooking the ocean? And of course, who wouldn’t want to be near the beach right? Amazingly, there are a lot of places where adventure and other fun activities await such as mountain climbing, trekking, scuba diving, kayaking and so much more.

If you have a private jet and you don’t know where to park it when living in Belize, then fret not. You can take your jet and the community would even build a private hangar for you.

Expatriates won’t have to worry much about not getting the same benefits as retirees would if they don’t qualify yet. The community has a lot of financial options for them to choose from no matter what sort of financial circumstances they may be in.

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Belize Real Estate: Sanctuary Belize is the Place for Expatriates and Retirees!

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This article was published on 2011/03/22