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Of all the places and countries in Central America, no other place can be more appropriate for an expatriate than Belize. The population of expatriates living in Belize has gradually increased over the past years and there are now a considerable amount of foreigners living peacefully and happily with the locals of this country.

Belize is a country home to beautiful surroundings and one of the most visited tourist destination in Central America because of the wonderful festivities they hold, the astonishing tropical paradise and the affordable vacation homes they offer. Belize real estate are the most reasonably priced properties in this part of the world.

Expatriates have claimed that living here is quite a new start and that the locals are friendly despite the diversity of races living together in one place. The country has English as their main language so you don’t have to learn a new language in order to get around the place while in some parts of the country, Spanish is the most spoken language. The array of races you may encounter in this country vary from Mayans, Creoles, Asians, Gringos, Caucasians, Mestizos and so much more.

Belize real estate is a growing market targeting foreign investors, which is why there are a lot of homes up for grabs that are rather affordable for the pockets. The global economy is not exactly looking up recently and it can be quite a problem but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t invest on something that is worth putting your money.

The best Belize expatriate living can be experienced in Sanctuary Belize. This community brings a luxurious lifestyle for its residents with grand homes and amenities that can only be found here.

Live in the midst of natural beauty and scurrying animals while you stay in one a home that exudes aesthetic beauty and convenience. Adventure loving people would definitely love it here since the location of the community is close to every activity possible in the country. The Great Blue Hole is one of the diving spots that is frequented by a lot of diving enthusiasts around the globe, when staying in this community, it is simply reachable in minutes from the shore! The Belize barrier reef, the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere is also accessible from the shore of the community.

Victoria’s Peak is said to be the second highest mountain in the country and it is literally sitting in your backyard. Mountain Climbing, camping and treading the grounds won’t take so much preparation and is a hobby you can easily pick up. The community is also near two wild life reserves if you feel like volunteering your time and effort in order to give nature a hand.

Also there are several towns near the community where you can pay visits and check out their local produce. The community too have their own focal point, which is the Marina Village, where residents can purchase their groceries, shop and dine in one of the finest restaurants available.

There are more to be discovered here, why not live and make your everyday life an adventure?

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Belize Real Estate - Belize real estate for expatriates

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This article was published on 2011/04/12